We’ve Been Approved!

January 5–We got word on Monday that we have been approved by One World Adoptions to go forward with their Latvia program.  This is just one step in the hundreds we will take on the way to adopting Dace, but it is an important one!  Johanna is already buried in paperwork, as she is the designated paper pusher for the family.

The next step is for us to get an approved home study.  We have found an agency in Silver Spring that can do the home study for us, but we need to raise $1500.00.  Thanks so much to our friend Dan Forrest, who initially set this blog up for us and donated the first ten dollars to our fund!

Dace with a paper star she made


We Are Starting A New Adoption Journey!

Sasha and Dace the day they first met at the Diehl's farm

We, the Anderson family, are so excited to announce that we are starting the process of adopting a new daughter named Dace (pronounced dot-say) into our family.  Dace is an eleven year old Latvian girl.  We met her on December 28 at the home of her hosts, Jen and Chris Diehl, and we loved her right away.  We have been praying for another daughter for two years, and Dace seems to be the answer to our prayers!

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