Bill and I learned yesterday that Dace’s aunt and grandmother want to assume guardianship of her, so she is no longer available for adoption.  This was hard news for us to take.  Dace had grown close to our hearts in such a short time.

We pray that this will be a good home situation for Dace, if it is God’s will for her to go to her relatives.  We can’t help but wonder where these relatives have been for the past five years, while Dace has been languishing in an institution.  Thus, we will continue to pray for Dace and will specifically ask the Lord that he will open or close doors for the grandmother and aunt according to what is actually best for Dace.  If these relatives are good people, then this could, indeed, be a great situation for her.

While Dace is out of the picture, we are still planning to go forward with our plans to adopt another little girl from Latvia.  We have put so much effort into the paperwork already, and we know that there are many other adoptable children in Latvia who would love to have a family of their own.

With your permission, we would like to keep the donations you made and apply them towards the adoption of another child.  We have already spent some of the money to obtain marriage licenses, birth certificates, and other documents.  Having these papers will speed things up as we seek to adopt another child.

Thanks so much for your support for us on this adoption journey.  As we learned by adopting our other children, international adoption is seldom simple and straightforward.  We know, though, that there is a child out there who needs us, so we will persevere.

With love and gratitude,

Bill and Johanna Anderson


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