What If Dace Is Not Adopted?

What would happen to Dace if she were not adopted before her sixteenth birthday?

Dace would be released from the orphanage and sent out to live on her own in the city.  She would have no family connections, no friends, nor any network of contacts.   Riga is bitterly cold in the winter, and Dace would very likely have no warm place to live.  She would not have a job or anyone to help her find one.  If she is like many Eastern European orphan girls, she would become a prostitute or sex slave, because a pimp would recognize her vulnerability and would promise her money and security.

Without hope and without love, the temptation to fill her empty soul with drugs and alcohol would be overwhelming.  Already emotionally dead, she very likely would die an actual physical death at an early age.  Who would be there to mourn her passing?  Probably no one.

What would become of Dace’s eternal soul?

Of course, God can save anyone, at any time, by any means He chooses.  However, in most cases, children who have never known the unconditional love of parents cannot fathom that a Heavenly Father loves them.  They ask themselves, “If God loves me, why am I an orphan?”  Parents are the most influential ambassadors for Christ on earth.

Dace clearly was crying out for parents during her visit to the US.  Even now, as she has gone back to her orphanage in Latvia, she is at risk for anger, depression and behavior problems because she does not know that we love her and are working hard to bring her home.

No child deserves to live–and die–like this.  We know that Dace is only one of hundreds of thousands of orphans in the world.  We know that we can’t help all of them.  But in God’s eyes, Dace isn’t one of a faceless throng of orphan children.  Her name is engraved on the palm of His hand, and His eyes are always on her.  God has engraved her name on the palms of our hands, too.  


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